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RNA Genomics Services

Eclipse Bio offers a wide portfolio of services to support existing and emerging techniques in the RNA field. Whether you are conducting exploratory research projects, investigating new RNA drug targets, or comparing RNA data sets, we offer RNA genomics solutions for your needs.

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Many sample types accepted.

Library Prep

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Our signature step. Improved from Nature Methods 2016.


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Latest technologies and platforms to provide robust results.

Data Analysis

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Detailed analysis report.

Our RNA technologies are powered by a multi-disciplinary team of RNA biology and computational experts along with Illumina’s NGS platform, enabling our customers to accelerate their scientific discoveries and contributions to RNA medicine. Eclipse Bio’s end-to-end services provide not just a sample-to-data solution, but also guarantees efficient delivery of high-quality, reproducible and robust results.


  • Pre-validated antibody
  • UV crosslinked (cells only)
  • 20M cells
  • 80mg tissue
  • Turnaround: 6-8 weeks


  • UV crosslinked (cells only)
  • 20M cells
  • 80mg tissue
  • Turnaround 6-8 weeks
miRNA enrichment & gene enrichment available


  • 50ug total RNA
  • RNA Integrity Number ≥ 8
  • Turnaround: 6-8 weeks

5' & 3' End-Seq

  • 10ug total RNA per end
  • RNA Integrity Number ≥ 8
  • Turnaround: 4-6 weeks

RNA Genomic Technologies

RBP-eCLIP m6A-eCLIP miR-eCLIP 5' End-Seq 3' End-Seq
Initial Sample
Total RNA
C. elegans

Data Analysis Deliverables

Data Files RBP-eCLIP m6A-eCLIP miR-eCLIP 5' End-Seq 3' End-Seq
Raw FASTQ: Reads directly off sequencer, demultiplexed per sample
Trimmed FASTQ: Reads after UMI and 3' adapter trimming
Alignment BAM: Reads filtered of repetitive elements, aligned, and PCR deduplicated
Alignment BAM Index: Index file corresponding to above alignment BAM
Coverage BigWig: Normalized read coverage on positive and negative strands
Peaks BED: Input normalized read clusters with log2 enrichment score
Single Nucleotide Coverage Bedgraph: 5’ end read coverage
Single Nucleotide Calls BED: Single base modification sites or end calls
Filtered Single Nucleotide Calls: Single base modification sites or end calls after filtering
miRNA Read Alignment TSV: Position of the best aligned miRNA in miR-mRNA reads
miRNA-mRNA targets BED: Genomic mRNA locations of miR-mRNA reads
Report HTML: Report with tables and plots for enriched GO terms, KEGG pathways, motifs, and repetitive elements for enriched peaks

Data Analysis Packages

Base Package

Plus Package

Premium Package

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