ENCODE Datasets: RBPs Analyzed by Eclipsebio

Interact with analyzed results from over 150 RBPs with complimentary ENCODE datasets by Eclipsebio. All reports contain data for peaks and motif information specific for your RBP of interest. Visualize data your way and compare your own results to ENCODE

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Example: RBFOX2 Peak Assignments

The following plots show the assignment of peaks into different genic features:


This plot is interactive. You can hover over the bars to see the percentage and number of identified peaks. You can select which features to show by toggling the region names in the legend, and you can download the plot by moving your mouse to the top of the plot and clicking on the camera icon.

Full RBFOX2 Report
Interactive RBFOX2 eCLIP ENCODE Report Analyzed by Eclipsebio

Download ENCODE Reports Analyzed by Eclipsebio

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