Passionate about the power of RNA to revolutionize medicine? Join our team!

At Eclipsebio our mission is to make the RNA medicines of tomorrow achievable today. Our team combines expertise in RNA with our unique portfolio of proprietary technologies to ensure the success of our partners through better design and better delivery. Interested in joining our team to help support the next generation of RNA-based and RNA-targeting therapeutics? Contact us today!

Our core principles

Partner success

Our partner’s success is our success. We don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we tailor our support to the needs of our partners through active collaboration. All members of our team, regardless of their job title or department, are critical to ensuring that our partners obtain the support they need.


At Eclipsebio we are a team. Each member has a unique skill set that complements and empowers those around them. We are collaborative by nature, and we know that it is only through our collective efforts that we succeed.


We are a dynamic company focused on developing groundbreaking technologies and integrative solutions through the efforts of everyone on the team. All our team members are expected to continue to grow as both innovators and leaders.

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