About Us

Eclipse Bio has developed a comprehensive suite of RNA genomics products used by researchers in industry and academia around the world to map their RNA targets and RNA binding proteins with unmatched clarity. We continue to develop innovative RNA genomics and epigenetics solutions that solve current and future challenges in science and medicine.
Our innovative standard and customizable solutions bring new and deeper insights to the RNA interactome by providing more accurate, reproducible and useable data for our customers. Our products:

At Eclipse, we believe that big challenges can only be overcome by people and organizations that act boldly and with clear vision. Let’s work together to explore and make new discoveries in the world of RNA.

Our European Distributor

Nucleus Biotech GmbH (Heidelberg, Germany) provides enabling reagents and services to life science researchers in academia and industry. The company focuses on technical sales of cutting edge technologies such as Next Generation Sequencing and CRISPR-related tools. Nucleus Biotech represents the manufacturing partners under their brands by distributing their products and services in its territory, comprised of Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

Some of Our Recent Customers

Hardvard Medical School
Standford University
Broad Institute
UC San Diego
Boston Childrens Hospital
University of Illinos

Our Investors

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