Discover how our technologies have been applied

Our technologies and bioinformatics workflows have been used to obtain deep insights into different aspects of RNA biology, and our own scientific team frequently publishes on our newest capabilities. The following publications provide some examples of how our partners have utilized our capabilities to make groundbreaking discoveries. Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve your therapeutic and research goals.

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Modulation of insulin secretion by RBFOX2-mediated alternative splicing

Moss et al. Nature Communications

Master transcription factor reprograming unleashes selective translation promoting castration resistance and immune evasion in lethal prostate cancer

Santasusagna et al. Cancer Discovery

A super-enhancer-regulated RNA-binding protein cascade drives pancreatic cancer

Antal et al. Nature Communications

Beyond microRNAs: Analysis of chimeric reads characterises the diverse targetome of AGO2-mediated regulation

Hejret et al. Scientific Reports

m6A mRNA Methylation Regulates Early Pancreatic β-Cell Differentiation

Kahraman et al. bioRxiv

Multiomics analyses reveal DARS1-AS1/YBX1–controlled posttranscriptional circuits promoting glioblastoma tumorigenesis/radioresistance

Zheng et al. Science Advances