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At Eclipsebio, we develop robust and integrative solutions to enable development of RNA-based and RNA-targeting therapeutics. How can we help you succeed?

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Our world-class team of RNA experts develops unique assays and cutting-edge bioinformatics workflows that provide unparalleled insights for therapeutic development. Discover how our team can help you reduce drug development risks by designing and validating lead candidates.

We offer our portfolio of robust and reproducible assays in integrative platforms, tailored to the specific goals of different therapeutic classes and academic research goals. From deep characterization of mRNA drug products to developing datasets for training AI models, our team has experience solving the biggest problems in RNA-based and RNA-targeting therapeutics. Scroll below to learn more about our solutions and capabilities.

We provide complete
solutions for:

From novel approaches for designing and validating siRNAs to unparalleled insights for the development of mRNA vaccines, discover how we solve today’s challenges for tomorrow’s RNA medicines.

RNA Therapeutics

Our eMERGE partnership platform provides comprehensive characterization and precision optimization of RNA-based therapeutics. Discover how we support optimal translation and stability of vaccines, protein replacement therapies, and monoclonal antibodies.

Small Oligonucleotides

With our holistic approach to small oligonucleotide design and validation, we provide RNAi and ASO developers with the data needed for clinical success. Learn how we perform multiomic profiling of targets and robustly measure off-target effects.

Target Discovery and Validation

Our integrative portfolio of assays reveals disease-specific, accessible regions of target RNAs and provides deep profiling of on-target and off-target therapeutic effects. Our highly reproducible assays can also be used train AI models for the design of the next generation of small molecule drugs.

Basic Research

Obtain new insights for discoveries into the biology of RNAs with multiomic approaches. For our academic partners we provide a la carte and integrative solutions that deliver a comprehensive overview of RNA biology from secondary structure to protein regulation.

Our comprehensive capabilities

Unique technologies for unmatched insights

Our portfolio of proprietary technologies and bioinformatics workflows provide actionable insights for therapeutic characterization and optimization. Discover how a partnership with us provides exclusive access to the data and analyses needed for successful drug development.

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What Our Partners

and Collaborators Say

"Eclipsebio’s analysis of RNA folding has provided valuable insights necessary to understand the impact of RNA sequence and chemical modifications on secondary structures… to help improve the design of our RNAs and rationalize our internal findings."

"Eclipsebio was the only company that could perform the robust siRNA off-target binding analysis we needed. Their experimental results provided important additional insights into our own internal findings. We look forward to continuing to work with Eclipsebio in the future."

"Eclipsebio has been an invaluable partner to Deep Genomics. They've helped us generate massive miRNA-related datasets for training AI models, and have designed and conducted bespoke assays to illuminate the mechanism underlying some of our lead therapeutic compounds."

"At Acuitas we are interested in how modifications to LNP formulations can impact efficacy and stability. Eclipsebio’s eSHAPE assay has potentially revealed direct correlations between LNP composition and RNA secondary structure, further adding to our understanding of the mechanism of action for RNA-LNP systems."

New at Eclipsebio

Discover our latest dataset

miRNAs are critical regulators of RNA stability and translation. With our newest dataset we have applied our miR-eCLIP assay to directly measure miRNA across the transcriptome in K562 cells, identifying key patterns of regulation.

Explore our newest technology

A major limitation of siRNA development is off-target activity from unexpected binding. With our new miR-eCLIP +siRNA assay you can remove the guesswork and directly measure off-target binding.

Learn with our newest blog

Effective mRNA-based therapeutics need careful and comprehensive characterization before starting clinical trials. In our latest post we review different methods for characterizing lead candidates.

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Our team of RNA experts is presenting at conferences and webinars to highlight the power of RNA solutions for therapeutic success. Discover where we will be discussing our platform and partnership opportunities.