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Eclipse Bioinnovations offers Next Generation Sequencing technologies that enable RNA to be seen in a whole new light. Simplify your RNA research with our suite of cutting-edge kits, services, bioinformatics, and custom solutions to unlock the potential of RNA.

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Evolving Solutions for Understanding RNA

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Making New Discoveries in RNA Biology

Discover m6A modifications transcriptome-wide, map the miRNA-mRNA interactome at high-resolution, and deeply profile transcript ends.
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Optimizing RNA Target Identification

Discover RNA binding protein (RBP) targets transcriptome-wide with eCLIP and generate a high-resolution map of RBP-RNA interactions.
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Advancing Therapeutic Discovery

Robust and quantitative NGS solutions to accelerate your pre-clinical research.
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RBP-eCLIP enables reliable generation of high-throughput sequencing libraries from immunoprecipitated material to identify RBP binding sites on target RNAs with high resolution, transcriptome-wide.


Discover the miRNA-mRNA interactome transcriptome-wide. miR-eCLIP unambiguously identifies miRNA target sites with precision and depth.
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FLI-Seq Kit Eclispse Bio

DNA Library Prep Solution for CRISPR Screens

From RNA Binding Proteins to RNA Therapeutics

Interview with Eclipse Bio Co-Founders, Gene Yeo and Peter Chu on the future of RNA led by eCLIP Technology

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RNA-Seq Blog: End-Seq

At Eclipse BioInnovations (Eclipse Bio), we create tools that simplify, accelerate and advance RNA research. End-Seq technology is a recent development at Eclipse Bio, which

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