Webinar Recording: Supporting Therapeutic Development with Ribosome Profiling and miRNA Probing

November 22, 2023 | Virtual

biomodal is excited to sponsor the Boston Computational Biology Society webinar featuring Wayne Doyle from Eclipsebio. The effective development of a therapeutic requires the ability to quickly and robustly validate that it is having expected actions on its target. In this webinar, Dr. Wayne Doyle, a senior Bioinformatics Scientist at Eclipsebio, will review two assays and analyses that can assist in the development of RNA therapeutics. eRibo Pro is a ribosome profiling assay for examining both transcription and translation in the same system. Dr. Doyle will discuss Eclipsebio’s analyses for identifying changes in translation, pinpointing stalled ribosomes, and discovering translating open reading frames. miR-eCLIP +siRNA is an eCLIP-based method for directly identifying where miRNAs and siRNAs associate with genes across the transcriptome. Dr. Doyle will review how Eclipsebio determines miRNA binding, calls siRNA off targets, and identifies differential effects from siRNA modifications.

The recording of this webinar can be viewed HERE

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