Eclipsebio Expands Intellectual Property Portfolio to Support New Product Suites Designed to Probe RNA Structure and Reveal Ribosome Occupancy and RNA Modifications

SAN DIEGO, Sept. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Eclipse Bioinnovations, Inc. (Eclipsebio), a leading RNA genomics company developing and commercializing novel, data-driven technologies that interrogate RNA, today announced the completion of exclusive and co-exclusive licenses for intellectual property (IP) related to RNA structure probing, ribosome occupancy, and RNA modifications. This IP supports three key product suites, m6A-eCLIP™ for profiling m6A modifications, SHAPE for RNA structure probing, and Aurora™ for ribosome profiling. All products are commercially available or will be imminently available from Eclipsebio.

“This expansion of Eclipsebio’s intellectual property portfolio supports the company’s development of high-resolution, multi-dimensional RNA genomics technologies and product suites,” said Peter Chu, Ph.D., CEO and cofounder of Eclipsebio. “We are excited to solidify these exclusive license agreements, which allow us to commercialize two more innovative product suites, SHAPE and Aurora, and support Eclipsebio’s goal to enable researchers around the world to access the most comprehensive information on RNA interactions, modifications, structure, and translation.”

Eclipsebio plans to launch a suite of SHAPE technologies, encompassing SHAPE IVT-mRNA, SHAPE databases, and SHAPE whole transcriptome. Eclipsebio’s SHAPE technology provides a means of probing RNA structure for in vitro transcribed RNAs (IVT-mRNA) and for the whole transcriptome, both in cell and on RNA purified from cells and tissues. Data derived from SHAPE RNA structure probing yields information that helps guide a more accurate RNA fold, an important parameter in developing RNA therapeutics.

For ribosome profiling, Eclipsebio is launching the Aurora products to provide a means of accurately quantifying ribosome occupancy and mapping ribosome position on mRNAs in cells. This product suite delivers valuable insight into mechanisms and levels of translation, both key parameters in designing mRNA therapeutics and vaccines.

Karen B. Chapman, Ph.D., M.S., Eclipsebio’s Chief Scientific Officer, added, “We are excited to expand our technology portfolio in key areas that enable Eclipsebio to commercialize technologies that will accelerate the development of RNA medicines. The ability to generate data that provides more accurate insights into RNA structure, taken together with the ability to map ribosome occupancy with a high degree of resolution, will give researchers much needed tools to generate new insights into human diseases and design better RNA therapeutics, including vaccines, more efficiently.”

Eclipsebio has executed three separate license agreements. The first is a co-exclusive license from Stanford University for IP related to probes of RNA structure and methods of doing the same, covered under U.S. Patent Number 9,428,791. The second is an exclusive license from Cornell University for IP developed by Weill Cornell Medicine related to methods and kits for characterizing the modified base status of a transcriptome, covered under U.S. Patent Number 11,021,703. The third is an exclusive license from the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) for IP related to a strategy for monitoring translation via ribosome profiling, covered under U.S. Patent Numbers 8,486,865; 9,284,547 and 9,677,068.

About Eclipsebio’s RNA Genomics Platform and Products

Eclipsebio’s comprehensive RNA genomics platform is poised to build the world’s most detailed multi-dimensional RNA maps through transcriptome-wide views of RNA interactions with RNA binding proteins (RBP-eCLIP™), RNA modifications such as m6A (m6A-eCLIP™), alternative transcription start site and polyadenylation site usage (EndSeq™), and microRNA-mRNA interactions (miR-eCLIP™). Upcoming products in development are designed to profile translation (Aurora™) and probe RNA structure (SHAPE).

About Eclipsebio

Eclipsebio is a private biotechnology company developing first-in-class technologies to enable faster and more effective development of RNA therapeutics. The company offers its end-to-end RNA genomics products as services and kits and also provides custom RNA genomics services for select partners. Eclipsebio is headquartered in San Diego. For more info, visit