Locate methylated adenosines transcriptome-wide

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m6A-eCLIP maps RNA methylation transcriptome-wide, learn how below.

N6-methyladenosine (m6A) is one of the most prevalent RNA modifications and has been implicated in key aspects of RNA biology including RNA structure, stability and translation. Our m6A-eCLIP technology provides single nucleotide resolution of where m6A is located across the transcriptome and can be used to examine the methylation state of transfected mRNA therapeutics.

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Map methylated adenosines

Typical species:

Human, mouse

Typical samples:

Total RNA

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Locate methylated adenosines transcriptome-wide

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A selective antibody is used to immunoprecipitate methylated RNA


Libraries are prepared and next-generation sequencing is performed


Custom bioinformatics analyses map methylation sites transcriptome-wide

Discover RNA methylation

The following are some examples of the types of insights that m6A-eCLIP can provide. For our partners, we perform additional analyses to provide actionable insights for therapeutic success.

Site-specific identification of methylation

m6A-eCLIP reveals methylation patterns across multiple scales: from identifying regions where methylation is elevated (similar to meRIP) to providing identification of which specific adenosines are methylated. This provides researchers and drug developers with an unparalleled view into where RNA modifications are deposited across the transcriptome and transfected sequences.

Gene browser tracks showing methylated regions from m6A-eCLIP compared to meRIP. Site-specific methylated adenosines show high concordance with expected DRACH motifs.

Identify classes of methylated genes

For transcriptome-wide studies of methylation, we perform gene ontology analyses to determine if specific categories of genes are preferentially methylated in a given disease state or after a therapeutic treatment.

Wordcloud showing groups of genes that have methylated bases

Locate differential methylation

m6A-eCLIP provides per-base and per-region measurements of methylation. This allows us to examine changes in methylation on multiple scales, providing deeper insights into how a condition or drug treatment affects methylation patterns. This type of analysis can be used to confirm if a therapeutic has changed methylation at a specific target and if off-target changes are occurring.

Scatter plot of individual adenosines across the genome. Differentially methylated bases are highlighted in red and teal.

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m6A-eCLIP maps RNA methylation transcriptome-wide, providing detailed information to better understand RNA biology and develop more effective RNA therapeutics.

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