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The Plant & Animal Genome Conference (PAG) is designed to provide a forum on recent developments and future plans for plant & animal genome projects. Consisting of technical presentations, poster sessions, exhibits and workshops, the conference is an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and applications on this internationally important project.

January 13 – 18, 2023 | San Diego, CA

This meeting addresses growing excitement from both the basic and translational life sciences community in imagining protein-RNA interactions as a treasure trove of new biology and drug targets. This meeting will be held jointly with Biomolecular Condensates which is a natural collaboration as RNA binding proteins play major roles in condensation of protein-RNA/DNA interactions.

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January 29 – February 01, 2023 | Vancouver, Canada

The workshop will bring together scientists with common interests in noncoding RNA biology with topics spanning from large scale ncRNA functional discoveries to detailed interrogation of individual ncRNAs acting at various stages of animal life cycle, from a wide range of species, including early bilaterians, nematodes, insects, and mammals.

January 30 – February 2, 2023 | Tel Aviv, Israel

Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) announces significant scientific advances, forge enduring partnerships, and as well as make significant investments and notable acquisitions; with an emphasis on the broad landscape of genomics.

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February 6 – 9, 2023 | Hollywood, Flordia

The RNA Leaders World Congress will voice the latest advances in RNA chemistry, get clinical updates from the companies developing new therapies and source the services partners who are helping to deliver drugs to patients.

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March 15 – 16, 2023 | Basel, Switzerland

The “Microsymposium on RNA Biology” is an international conference that brings together young scientists, junior and senior group leaders, and company representatives from all over the world to present and discuss their latest findings in the exciting field of small RNAs and beyond. 

May 3 – 5, 2023 | Vienna, Austria

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