eRibo 3' - Summary Report


QC Metrics

The following table shows important quality control metrics for each sample. The first is the initial number of reads that were sequenced. Next, is the percentage of reads that passed the adapter trimming step. Adapter trimming removes sequences shorter than 18 nucleotides after trimming, so any adapter dimers or very short sequences will be lost. The next metric is the percentage of reads mapped to our database of repetitive elements which includes rRNA, tRNA, snoRNA, and more. Reads mapped to repetitive elements are removed, and the remainder of the reads are mapped to the genome. The following column is the percentage of reads that were mapped uniquely to the genome. We then use the UMI to identify and remove PCR duplicates. The final read number is the number of reads remaining after trimming, repetitive element removal, mapping, and PCR duplicate removal.

Sample Initial Reads % pass trim % rep elements % uniquely mapped to genome % PCR duplicates Final Reads

Gene Coverage Range

Pairs of Ribo and RNA-Seq libraires were prepared from each sample. The plot below illustrates distribution of sequence coverage signal across all genes in each of the libraries. Counts of sequencing reads covering a gene were normalized to the total number of mapped reads in a library and expressed as RPM (Read count Per Million mapped reads).