eRibo Total

Obtain ribosomal, RNA-Seq, and splicing data transcriptome-wide from a single experiment

Technology Overview

Determining the composition of the proteome and relative abundance of proteins in biological and clinical samples is a fundamental component of biomedical research. Methodologies that quantitate transcripts that are associated with ribosomes and being translated yield a more accurate and unbiased representation of protein levels. eRibo Total is a method that maps and quantitates ribosome occupancy transcriptome-wide by targeting a key ribosomal protein with eCLIP (enhanced crosslinking and immunoprecipitation). Our NGS technology quantitates ribosome association transcriptome-wide by targeting a key ribosomal protein, and supplies two comprehensive data sets. The ability to quantitate the ribosome occupancy on transcripts can yield insight into translational efficiency and provides a means to measure the differences in expressions between samples, e.g. normal vs. disease tissue or drug treated vs. untreated samples. eRibo Total data also enables splicing analysis for ribosome associated transcripts, with longer fragments than other ribosomal profiling approaches. 

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Simplified ribosome occupancy quantitation

Alternative splicing analysis for ribosome associated transcripts

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eRibo Total is Available for Early Access
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