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Eclipse Bio RNA Society 2021 Webinar:
RNA Genomics Methods to Advance RNA Discovery

Join us on June 1st, 2021 for our live webinar as proud sponsors of RNA Society’s 2021 annual meeting. Sergei Manakov, PhD, from Eclipse, and our featured guest speakers Dominique Langin, PhD and Michal Lubas, PhD, will explore the use of our cutting edge technology in RNA biology discovery.

See you there at 9:45am PST, 12:45pm ET and 6:45pm CET

This webinar will outline a detailed overview of the eCLIP technology and its applications for robust and precise mapping of RNA binding proteins, m6A modifications and miRNA-mRNA targets.

Meet our Presenters!

Dr. Sergei Manakov, PhD: Emerging RNA tools for studying RBP-RNA and miRNA-mRNA interactomes

Sergei Manakov is an Associate Director at Eclipse Bio and leads our computational biology group. He comes to us from Illumina, where he worked on development of sequencing assays. Sergei holds a PhD in molecular biology from Cambridge University (UK) and received his post-doctoral training in bioinformatics at California Institute of Technology.

Dr. Michal Lubas, PhD: Using eCLIP to explore therapeutic approaches for upregulation of gene expression

Michal Lubas works as senior scientist in preclinical research at Lundbeck A/S (Denmark) developing new treatments of diseases of the central nervous system with particular focus on neurodegeneration. He has extensive experience in omics approaches, such as mapping of RNA and protein interactions, that he has over the past years applied in multiple biological systems. Currently, he is involved in activities exploring new RNA-centric therapeutic strategies to treat brain disorders

Prof. Dominque Langin, PhD: Non enzymatic nuclear roles of the metabolic enzyme, hormore-sensitive lipase

Trained as a veterinarian (DVM), Prof. Langin obtained his MSc and PhD degrees in France and did post-doctoral training at the University of Lund, Sweden prior to embracing a scientist career at CNRS and Inserm. Currently, he is a University Professor – Hospital Practitioner at Toulouse University Hospital and Director of the Institute of Metabolic and Cardiovascular Diseases in Toulouse, France. His focus has been on translational research combining cell, animal and human studies. Prof. Langin participated in national and European research projects, and obtained an European Research Council Synergy grant in 2020. He has devoted his scientific career to the study of adipose tissue biology, obesity and diabetes with a focus on fatty acid metabolism and was awarded several prizes incl. the Friedrich Wassermann Life Time Achievement Award from the European Association for the Study of Obesity in 2011 and the Labbe Prize by the French Academy of Sciences in 2019. He has published 245 original articles and 79 review articles cited 17500 times.