Noncoding RNAs Keystone Conference 2020

Eclipse eCLIP technology was front and center at the Non-coding RNA Keystone conference in Whistler last week. Prof Rob Spitale (UCI) used ENCODE eCLIP data to favorably compare with his lab’s chemical methods to map solvent accessibility. Chase Weideman (Duke) used eCLIP data to study RNA fate control by RNA-protein interactions. Allyson Portman (U of Colorado) successfully used chimeric eCLIP technology to study the role of HOTAIR in m6A modifications in breast cancer.

Finally, Eclipse co-founder Prof Gene Yeo of UCSD gave a scintillating summary of his lab’s integrated eCLIP results of >150 RBPs, an exciting preview of the power of chimeric miRNA-mRNA eCLIP and a new method to identify binding sites of RBPs at single cell level.

Great thanks to Howard Chang, Frank Rigo and Lynne Maquat for organizing such an amazing meeting and everyone for attending. Looking forward to next year in Palm Springs!