Identify microRNA-mRNA targets

microRNAs are short regulatory RNAs that repress gene expression through binding of complementary sequences in mRNA 3′ Untranslated Regions

Modification of eCLIP enables ligation of microRNAs with mRNA targets to create chimeric fragments that unambiguously map individual microRNA binding sites with high resolution

Full-service: from your sample to analyzed data

miR-eCLIP service includes:

miR- eCLIP assay

  • Sequencing library preparation
  • High-throughput sequencing

Experimental quality assays

  • Library yield metrics

Sequencing analysis

  • Read processing and mapping
  • Peak identification & normalization against input control

Analysis summary report

  • Read-level metrics including % mapping & PCR duplication rate
  • Peak meta-gene profiles
  • Basic motif analysis

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