Quick, efficient and precise identification
of m6A modification sites

N6 methyladenosine (m6A) is the most common internal epitranscriptomic RNA modification
Our m6A-eCLIP Service and Kit provide a robust method to obtain an enriched m6A library in one week

Full-service: from total RNA to analyzed data

m6A eCLIP service includes:

m6A eCLIP assay

  • Immunoprecipitation with Eclipse m6A validated antibody
  • Sequencing library preparation
  • High-throughput sequencing

Experimental quality assays

  • Library yield metrics

Sequencing analysis

  • Read processing and mapping
  • Peak identification & normalization against input control

Analysis summary report

  • Read-level metrics including % mapping & PCR duplication rate
  • Peak meta-gene profiles
  • Basic motif analysis

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