Introducing the world’s first eCLIP Kit!
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Introducing the world’s first eCLIP Kit!

Simplified and robust identification of your RNA-binding protein targets in one week

Eclipse BioInnovations is excited to announce the official release of our eCLIP kit!
We’re excited to let you know that our eCLIP kit – the world’s first commercially available CLIP-seq kit – is now available for purchase.

Why eCLIP?

  • eCLIP is a validated method based on Van Nostrand, Yeo et al. Nature Methods 2016
  • Thousand-fold improved library prep efficiency vs standard iCLIP
  • eCLIP increases experimental success rates and decreases wasted sequencing due to PCR duplication
  • Paired size-matched input significantly improves signal/noise to identify true in vivo targets
  • eCLIP is robust with over 150 proteins profiled to date

What is in the eCLIP kit? 

  • All eCLIP primers and buffers needed to process 8 eCLIP experiments (8 IP and 8 inputs)
  • Size selection beads
  • Quality tested transfer membrane
  • Barcoded PCR primers for multiplexed next-gen sequencing
  • Option to include basic data analysis support

eCLIP kit + data analysis bundle: 

  • Includes primary data analysis: Read adapter trimming, mapping to genome, peak identification, and normalization against paired input samples and/or other controls