Introducing: The First m6A-eCLIP Kit

Directly identify m6A modification sites using Eclipse’s enhanced CLIP technology


Savvy researchers today are advancing their research by understanding the effects of RNA modifications in their studies.

The m6A-eCLIP Kit is a targeted RNA modification kit that has applications in many fields of research. The kit allows researchers studying cancer, autoimmune diseases, viral infections and neurological disorders among others to globally map m6A RNA modification states



High Throughput and Robust Workflow
A simplified version of the Nature Methods-published eCLIP protocol enables profiling m6A marks with 40-fold less mRNA input than other approaches

Highly Reproducible with accurate data
Significant improvements in signal/noise reproducibly identifies m6A modified RNAs

Unbiased with high specificity
m6A eCLIP captures the DRACH motif and recapitulates other m6A profiling methods



Starting with purified RNA, the m6A eCLIP Kit combines the use of an m6A antibody with the eCLIP technology, based on Van Nostrand et al. (Nature Methods, 2016) that allows users to accurately and robustly identify and map RBP binding sites on target RNAs.

The streamlined 4-5 day protocol is easy to process, produces high quality libraries, and can be broken down into multiple start and stop steps. The kit enables the user to do mRNA isolation, m6A IP and library prep on up to 8 high quality samples.