mRNA Assay Development Summit 2023

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December 6 – 7 | Boston, MA

Curated in collaboration with key opinion leaders, the mRNA Assay Development Summit has been designed as the only industry-dedicated forum solely focused on assay development for mRNA-based drug substances and drug products, with a core focus on improving reproducibility and sensitivity of assays to enable safe and effective drugs to enter the clinic.

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6th RNA Targeted Drug Discovery & Development Summit 2023

December 12-14, 2023 | Boston, MA


Webinar: Supporting Therapeutic Development with Ribosome Profiling and miRNA Probing

In this webinar, we will discuss two assays that can assist in the development of RNA therapeutics: eRibo Pro™, a ribosome profiling assay for examining both transcription & translation in the same system, and miR-eCLIP +siRNA™, an eCLIP-based method for directly identifying where miRNAs & siRNAs associate with genes across the transcriptome.


The RNA Processing in Cancer Conference: From Bench to Bedside

November 12-16, 2023
Houston, TX