Interrogating RNA Structure and Translation Dynamics with SHAPE and Ribosome Profiling

[WEBINAR] – Thursday, September 21

In this webinar, we will discuss two assays optimized by Eclipsebio to accelerate both academic discoveries and biopharma advancements: eRibo Pro™ (RiboSeq) to quantitate ribosome occupancy across a transcript, and eSHAPE™ (SHAPE MaP) chemical probing to accurately predict RNA secondary structure.

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Webinar: Supporting Therapeutic Development with Ribosome Profiling and miRNA Probing

In this webinar, we will discuss two assays that can assist in the development of RNA therapeutics: eRibo Pro™, a ribosome profiling assay for examining both transcription & translation in the same system, and miR-eCLIP +siRNA™, an eCLIP-based method for directly identifying where miRNAs & siRNAs associate with genes across the transcriptome.