2nd mRNA Analytical Development Summit

August 29 – 31, 2023 | Berlin, Germany

Built with biopharmaceutical industry insights, this in-person conference will delve into novel analytical and biological assays for optimized purity, safety, and efficacy to overcome the challenges of consistent and stable analytical testing and producing scalable and cost-effective techniques for rapid development, approval and commercialization of safe and efficacious mRNA-based therapeutics and vaccines.

View our seminar, “Utilizing eRibo to Interrogate Ribosome-RNA Associations” on August 30 by Eclipsebio’s CEO & Co-Founder, Peter Chu, PhD.

Similiar Events

6th RNA Targeted Drug Discovery & Development Summit 2023

December 12-14, 2023 | Boston, MA


Webinar: Supporting Therapeutic Development with Ribosome Profiling and miRNA Probing

In this webinar, we will discuss two assays that can assist in the development of RNA therapeutics: eRibo Pro™, a ribosome profiling assay for examining both transcription & translation in the same system, and miR-eCLIP +siRNA™, an eCLIP-based method for directly identifying where miRNAs & siRNAs associate with genes across the transcriptome.


mRNA Assay Development Summit 2023

December 6-7, 2023
Boston, MA