Eclipse’s RNA Genomics Grant Awards





Here’s your chance to take advantage of our industry leading eCLIP technology for your RNA research – FOR FREE!


All academic researchers are invited to apply for one of 3 prizes:

    • 1st prize: Free eCLIP, chimeric or m6A service for 4 samples, (4 IPs, 4 inputs) including sequencing and full data analysis
    • 2nd and 3rd prize: Free eCLIP or m6A kit (8 samples)


Send us your project proposal describing how you would use our services or kits to advance your research. It can be related to any of our 3 applications:

    • eCLIP: robust identification of RNA binding protein targets
    • Chimeric microRNA-mRNA eCLIP: direct identification of microRNA targets
    • m6A-eCLIP: precise identification of m6A modification sites.


Eligibility and requirements:
The grant program is open to all academic researchers.
Limit proposals to 2 pages including figures, legends and citations. Please submit your proposal in PDF format to Include your contact information in the body of the email.


Judging criteria
Submitted proposals will be reviewed internally and Eclipse will select the top three winning entries based on highest scientific merit and innovation.


Winners will be announced on February 21st 2020


Good luck!


Email us at with any questions.


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