Eclipsebio Announces a $14 Million Series A Financing to Advance Its RNA Genomics Technology Platform

  • RNA is increasingly the focus of medicine, new therapeutics, and vaccines
  • Eclipsebio leads the field of RNA genomics with a suite of data-driven technologies revealing RNA structure, modifications, interactions, and translation
  • Eclipsebio plans to leverage this capital raise to accelerate the development of pipeline technologies and products

SAN DIEGO, March 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —  Eclipse Bioinnovations, Inc. (Eclipsebio), the leading RNA genomics company developing and commercializing novel, data-driven technologies that interrogate RNA, today announced the close of an oversubscribed $14 million Series A financing. The financing was co-led by Alexandria Venture Investments and iGlobe, with participation from Photon Venture Alpha and Phoenix Venture Partners. The proceeds of the financing will be used to expand Eclipsebio’s suite of RNA genomics technologies and products. Eclipsebio also announced the appointment to the company’s board of directors of Hallie Kuhn, Ph.D., vice president of science and technology at Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc. and Alexandria Venture Investments. Dr. Kuhn joins Daniel Vasella, M.D., former CEO and chairman of Novartis, and the company’s cofounders as board members.

“COVID-19 RNA vaccines have validated the enormous potential of RNA as a therapeutic modality. Given the central role of RNA in regulating biological processes and disease, we believe that the field is poised for significant growth,” said Peter Chu, Ph.D., CEO and cofounder of Eclipsebio. “This financing will propel our continued leadership in the field by supporting the development of our robust and innovative pipeline of technologies. We anticipate that the deep and rich data provided by these novel technologies will fuel the development of new AI algorithms, advancement of biomedical research, and acceleration of drug discovery.”

Gene Yeo, Ph.D., professor at UC San Diego School of Medicine and cofounder of Eclipsebio added, “Early efforts in my lab at UC San Diego focused on open-source algorithms and improving the scalability, robustness, and reproducibility in RNA genomics technologies. Supported by a National Institutes of Health Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant, we founded Eclipsebio to develop high-resolution, multi-dimensional RNA genomics technologies with the goal of enabling researchers around the world to generate new insights into human diseases and discover novel therapeutics. I am excited that Eclipsebio has built a diverse and ambitious team to continue this vision.”

At the beginning of the year, Eclipsebio relocated into a new 18,000-square-foot corporate and research headquarters located in Sorrento Valley, San Diego. In this new location, the company will continue to expand its world-class team of molecular biologists and bioinformatics scientists as well as its commercial group to support business growth through increased awareness, education, and client-facing functions.

“Eclipsebio has established the technology, leadership, and vision to continuously innovate, and this has rightfully given them the reputation as the go-to RNA genomics company for leading scientists and industry partners around the world to access the most comprehensive information on RNA interactions, modifications, structure, and translation,” said Dr. Kuhn. “We are thrilled to support the continued growth of Eclipsebio and its mission to be a transformative RNA genomics company accelerating the RNA revolution.”

About Eclipsebio’s RNA Genomics Platform and Products

Eclipsebio’s comprehensive RNA genomics platform is poised to build the world’s most detailed multi-dimensional RNA maps through transcriptome-wide views of RNA interactions with RNA binding proteins (RBP-eCLIP™), RNA modifications such as m6A (m6A-eCLIP™), alternative transcription start site and polyadenylation site usage (EndSeq™), and microRNA-mRNA interactions (miR-eCLIP™). Upcoming products in development are designed to profile translation (Ribo-eCLIP™) and probe RNA structure (SHAPE).

About Eclipsebio
Eclipsebio is a private biotechnology company building the leading RNA genomics team to develop first-in-class technologies to enable faster and more effective development RNA therapeutics. The company offers its end-to-end RNA genomics products as services and kits and also provides custom RNA genomics services for select partners. Eclipsebio is headquartered in San Diego. For more info, visit