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RBP eCLIP Kit Eclipse Bio


The eCLIP kit is a simplified and robust library preparation method to identify your RNA-binding proteins targets.

m6A-eCLIP Kit

The m6A eCLIP Kit is a targeted RNA modification kit allows researchers to globally map m6A RNA modification states, which has been associated with cancer, autoimmune disease, obesity, and other disease indications.
m6A eCLIP Kit Eclipse Bio
FLI-Seq Kit Eclispse Bio

FLI-Seq Kit
Library Prep for CRISPR

Facing challenges while performing CRISPR screens? Is the large amount of DNA inhibiting your PCR reaction?
FLI-Seq solves this problem by removing undesired genomic DNA while enriching for the region of interest (guide RNA).

eCLIP Antibody
Validation Kit

Validate antibodies for successful immunoprecipitation in eCLIP buffers.
Antibody IP Validation Kit Eclipse Bio

5' & 3' End-Seq Kits

End-Seq products enable the user to detect either 5’ or 3’ transcript ends genome-wide with single nucleotide resolution in just 3 days.

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