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Eclipse Bioinnovations | Bethyl Laboratories WEBINAR

On Wednesday 9/23 at 10AM and Thursday 10/1 at 12PM our Principal Scientist Bioinformatics, Sergei Manakov, and Bethyl Laboratories’ CSO, Eric McIntush, will be talking about the powerful eCLIP platform and its applications.

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The eCLIP platform: A powerful technology to study RNA binding protein interactions, microRNA targets and RNA modifications

  • Date / Time: September 23rd, 2020 at 10AM (PT) October 1st, 2020 at 12PM (PT)
  • Location: Online Broadcast
  • Contact:
  • Presenters: Sergei Manakov (Eclipse Bioinnovations) and Eric Mclntush (Bethyl Laboratories)

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Eclipse Bio has quickly become a leader in the new frontier of RNA genomics. Our eCLIP technology platform enables all scientists to understand post-transcriptional regulation by mapping targets for RNA binding proteins (RBPs), RNA modifications, and non-coding RNAs such as miRNAs and lncRNAs.

eCLIP technology was used to profile targets of 150 RBPs for the ENCODE project (Encyclopedia of DNA Elements), an international collaboration that aims to build a comprehensive parts list to understand how genes are controlled. The recently released paper entitled, “A large-scale binding and functional map of human RNA-binding proteins,” is available open access on Nature as part of a special package of 10 studies from ENCODE Consortium.

Sergei Manakov, Principal Scientist Bioinformatics at Eclipse Bioinnovations, will present a detailed overview of the eCLIP technology and its applications for robust and precise mapping of RNA binding proteins, m6A modifications and miRNA-mRNA targets. Eclipse Bio enables researchers in all research fields (including cancer, CNS, genetic disease and virology), to understand RNA regulation in diseases, cells and model organisms.

Eric McIntush, CSO of Bethyl Laboratories, a highly reliable source of validated eCLIP antibodies, to discuss their robust production and QC process that made Bethyl the largest contributor to the eCLIP ENCODE project.