Eclipse Bio is excited to announce the winners for the “RNA Grant Awards”!
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Eclipse Bio is excited to announce the winners for the “RNA Grant Awards”!

Four months ago Eclipse invited researchers to submit a project proposal describing how they would take advantage of our leading eCLIP technology for their RNA research. We received many high quality research proposals, so it was not easy choosing the winners.

The proposal had to be related to any of our 3 applications:

  • eCLIP: robust identification of RNA binding protein targets
  • Chimeric microRNA-mRNA eCLIP: direct identification of microRNA targets
  • m6A-eCLIP: precise identification of m6A modification sites

The application deadline was February 5th 2020. The submitted proposals were reviewed by an in-house committee.

The three top winning grant proposals were chosen based on highest scientific merit, innovation and relevance to our technologies.


Today Eclipse is glad to announce the winners of our “RNA Grant Awards”!

The first prize goes to:

Daniel MacVeigh-Fierro from the Muller lab at UMass Amherst (MA) for the project: “Characterization of RNA fate”

Eclipse Bio will support the m6A project including sample preparation, sequencing and full bioinformatics report for 4 samples!

The second winner is:

Dr. Nadejda Beliakova-Bethell from UC San Diego, for the project: “Regulatory long noncoding RNAs in HIV latency”

They will benefit from our eCLIP kit for 8 samples.

The third winner is:

Dr. Allison MP Swain from the laboratory of Aaron M. Johnson at University of Colorado, for the project: “m6A modifications in C. albicans”

They will benefit from our m6A-eCLIP kit for 8 samples.

Congratulations to the winners!

Thanks everyone for your participation!