Eclipse Bio announces the winners for the “Cambridge RNA Epigenetics Grant”!

Eclipse Bio recently did a grant for those focused on m6A attending the Storm Therapeutics meeting. We encouraged researchers to send us their project proposals describing how they would take advantage of our industry leading m6A-eCLIP technology to advance their current research.

Eclipse is giving 3 prizes: 1 free m6A-eCLIP custom service (4 samples) and 2 free high-resolution m6A-eCLIP beta testing kits (8 samples). Our technology provides quick, efficient and precise identification of m6A modification sites.

Eclipse has selected the three top winning entries based on highest scientific merit and innovation. The applications were reviewed by an in-house committee.

The first winner is the project: “Single Nucleotide dynamics of m6A on a viral genome” from the department in of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology at Duke University Medical Center in North Carolina submitted by Dr. Stacy Horner. Eclipse Bio will support the project including sample preparation, sequencing and full bioinformatics report.

The second and third place winners are:

Second place: “Role for m6A in the regulation of B lymphocytes” from the Babraham Institute at The University of Cambridge in UK, submitted by David Turner from Martin Turner’s lab.

Third place:  “Identification of N6-methyladenosine modified mRNA in chronic myeloid leukaemia” from the department of Biology and Biotechnology at Sapienza, University of Rome in Italy, submitted by Dr. Alessandro Fatica.

They both will benefit from our m6A beta testing kit for 8 samples.

Congratulations to the winners!

Due to the large amount of responses and competitive proposals we decided to open up this grant to everyone. Here is another opportunity for all academic researchers to apply for our “RNA genomics grant awards”. Please learn more here

We also want to remind you that we are going to release our new m6a-eCLIP soon! If you want to know the latest news about our products, please register here