eCLIP Service

Our eCLIP services are all-inclusive

From lysis through library preparation, sequencing, and primary data processing.

Rigorous benchmarks for success

Standardized quality metrics are provided at multiple steps to give high-confidence results

Essential components of each eCLIP include:

Choice of antibody:

  • Pre-validated antibodies¬†(see list here)
  • Other commercial or custom antibodies (requires validation service)
  • Tagged peptides (V5, FLAG)

Successful immunoprecipitation is critical for eCLIP success. We can provide pre-validation of untested antibodies, and can help customers to identify possible antibodies for a protein of interest

Choice of sample type:

  • Cancer cell line (HEK293T, K562, HepG2)
  • Stem cells (H1ES, human iPSC)
  • Differentiated stem cells (neurons, cardiomyocytes)
  • Tissues (brain, heart, liver)

Most biological samples are amenable to eCLIP, with optimization required depending on endogenous RNase levels and other biological properties. Please contact us if you have a particular sample type of interest not listed above.

All cell samples require UV crosslinking by the customer prior to shipment.

Standard and customizable eCLIP services
tailored to your experiment

Included in standard eCLIP experiments

  • Validation documents (for crosslinking, immunoprecipitation success, and library yield)
  • Raw sequencing data (.fastq files)
  • Primary analysis including mapped reads (.bam files) and identified peaks (.bed files)
  • Basic quality control report (including % of reads mapping, % PCR duplication, % of reads mapping to repetitive elements)
  • Basic analysis report (including meta-transcript binding profile, motif analysis (HOMER))

Sample HTML Data Analysis Report
(Please allow a few minutes for the report to fully load)

Our basic analysis includes everything necessary to identify peaks and perform basic analysis. Contact us for details about additional analysis options.

eCLIP experiment custom options:

  • Pilot experiments for large-scale studies
  • Number of biological or technical replicates (discounts available for large projects)
  • Additional sequencing depth available

Please contact us to discuss any other questions or options you are interested in!

Contact us for additional information

Please contact us to receive a quote for custom services or to ask any questions you may have. A brief description of your desired experiment (number of samples, custom versus commercial antibody) will enable us to better respond to your queries.