Eclipsebio to Present Data and Unveil Antibody Barcode CLIP, a Novel Multiplexed CLIP Technology, at the RNA Society Annual Meeting 2022

Data selected for an oral presentation demonstrates the multiplex ability of Antibody Barcode CLIP to perform transcriptome-wide interrogation of binding sites between RNA and RNA binding proteins

SAN DIEGO, May 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Eclipse Bioinnovations, Inc. (Eclipsebio), the leading RNA genomics company developing and commercializing novel, data-driven technologies that interrogate RNA, today announced the presentation of data describing a novel multiplexed cross-linking immunoprecipitation (CLIP) technology, called Antibody Barcode CLIP, at the 27th Annual Meeting of the RNA Society taking place May 31st to June 5th in Boulder, Colorado.

Eclipsebio Associate Director of Research Daniel Lorenz, Ph.D., will give a talk entitled, “Scalable Detection of RNA Binding Protein (RBP) Binding Sites by Proximity-Based Ligation of DNA Barcoded Antibodies to RBP-Protected RNA Fragments,” at 11 am MT on Wednesday, June 2nd in the Concurrent 6: Interconnected Process.

This presentation will describe the successful multiplexing of 10 CLIP-like assays in a single tube, enabling the interrogation of multiple RBPs simultaneously. Data will be presented showing that antibody barcoding, coupled with direct ligation to RBP binding sites and an NGS-based readout, allows for the sensitive and specific identification of RBP binding sites transcriptome wide.

“We are excited about the potential of Eclipsebio’s novel Antibody Barcode CLIP technology to fundamentally alter the scale at which RBP binding sites can be identified,” said Karen Chapman, Ph.D., M.S., Chief Scientific Officer at Eclipsebio. “The resolution inherent in these data combined with the multiplex capacity will fuel novel insights around RBPs and the RNAs that they bind in the context of disease states and therapeutic interventions.”

“We are pleased to add yet another important RNA genomics product to our portfolio that will enable researchers to look at multiple RBPs simultaneously,” said Peter Chu, Ph.D., CEO and cofounder of Eclipsebio. “We plan to offer Antibody Barcode CLIP kits and services to make this technology accessible to the RNA researchers in both academia and industry.”

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Eclipsebio’s extensive RNA genomics platform provides transcriptome-wide views of RNA interactions with RNA binding proteins (RBP-eCLIPTM), RNA modifications such as m6A (m6A-eCLIPTM), alternative transcription start site and polyadenylation site usage (End-SeqTM), microRNA-mRNA interactions (miR-eCLIPTM) and upcoming products profiling translation (Ribo-eCLIPTM) and RNA structure probing (SHAPE) in development.

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